Last spring, we had the opportunity to start some conversations about the future of health professional training at the Clinician Educator Community of Practice event. Following the event, over 40 individuals representing schools, health systems, operational leaders, preceptors and former students engaged with us and helped us extend the conversation during our Listening Session in September. Our goal for this session was to create an informal atmosphere to exchange best practices, ideas, and trends.

Based on those conversations, we identified priority areas to focus on that would have the most impact for success in the clinical learning environment:



On Tuesday, Jan. 10, members of our clinical learning environment joined us for a Second Listening Session; shared best practices and pilots, and facilitated table discussions. In addition to the table discussions, Laura Beeth, System Director, Fairview Talent Acquisition and Chair of Governor’s Workforce Development Board provided an update on workforce development and how the work is moving forward at the state level.

Our intent for this session was to continue the conversation and come up with tangible outcomes and tools we need to move the work forward.

Takeaways from each table discussion are listed on our blog. Detailed notes and handouts from each table discussion are listed below:

Table 1 (Geriatrics Department)



Table 2 (Hennepin County Medical Center)



Table 3 (Park Nicollet Urgent Care)



Handouts – Preceptor tools and techniques

Table 4 (St Catherine University)



Handouts – IPE Framework

Table 5 (Fairview Health System)



Handouts – Process flow

Handouts – Checklist

Laura Beeth presentation – Clinical Dialogue Handout

Following the Listening Session, we asked participants for feedback. The results of that survey can be viewed here.

We also captured many aspects of the session on video, and invite you to revisit some of the discussions.

Listening Session #2 introduction

Listening Session #2 Wrap-up Discussion

Listening Session #2 Wrap-up/Next Steps

Workforce Update:

Laura Beeth’s introduction

Laura Beeth on WorkForce Update


Governor’s Workforce Development


Workforce Development Areas


Embracing Workforce Development


State Board, Committees and Task


MN Visions, Focuses, and Goals


HealthForce Minnesota


Workforce Goals


Student Structure





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