APC Blog Winter Update -01

We would like to thank everyone for using StudentLink! This tool will be used for requesting ALL Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Midwives’s clinical rotations at all HealthPartners clinics and hospitals.

Park Nicollet Clinics and Methodist Hospital

Obtaining rotations will continue through the relationships and connections of the schools, clinical sites or preceptors. Schools need to submit these rotations in the StudentLink so we can track these in our system.

HealthPartners Clinics and Regions Hospital

Spring requests are being processed. For those rotation requests that start in January, we will have all available matches accepted by December 7, 2015. Rotations starting in subsequent months will be confirmed one month prior to start date.

If you have not received confirmation on the placement we were not able to find a clinical site with capacity. Your options include:

-Leave your student request “active” in the status field

-Select “withdraw” in the status field

We are continuing to build relationships and assess capacity at our clinical sites. If we can find rotations we will let you know, otherwise we can close that request.

We welcome ideas to create meaningful rotation experiences as we create pilots for training that meets our workforce needs as well as provide value to students and patient care. If you are interested in becoming a part of a design team to look at creative models for student rotations please email Michelle Noltimier or comment below!


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