Priya Sury is a second-year resident at the Regions Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program. She grew up in Roseville; and after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis in anthropology and Spanish, came back to Minnesota to attend medical school at the University of Minnesota. While in medical school, she won the prestigious Rhodes scholarship and spent several years pursuing coursework and research at the University of Oxford.

How does one balance medical school and residency in Minnesota, a Master’s degree in England, and a balanced personal life in both worlds? We asked, and she shared:

Her experience at the University of Oxford

The Rhodes scholarship was an opportunity for Priya to get a global, cultural education. She described it as intense – with a lot of learning involved – but an experience like no other. Along with a Master’s degree in religion, she acquired lifelong memories at the University of Oxford. She feels privileged to have met a multi-cultural group of friends, many of whom will join her in Minnesota as she gets married this July.

At Oxford, Priya studied theology and religion. She was particularly interested in religion and spirituality, and its connection to health and well-being; how a robust support system can have measurable, positive health impact.

In March, she flew to England to defend her thesis on Buddhist ideas of healing and its implication in the modern healthcare system. Nico Pronk, President of HealthPartners Institute, was one of the assessors for the exam.

Residency experience at Regions Hospital

After completing medical school and most of her coursework at Oxford, Priya has been based in the Twin Cities to pursue her residency in Emergency Medicine at Regions Hospital.

Among other things, Priya values the depth of connections that she has built during her training at Regions Hospital. A family-like residency environment and a dynamic group of residents add value to her education. She is particularly thankful to the nursing and teaching staff, and her residency coordinators for their support. She appreciates the open culture of learning that allows her and other residents to learn from each other’s strengths.

Priya also participated in the System Design for Health Professions Education project as a member of the People dimension group which provided recommendations on how to approach determining the health care workforce of the future and provided valuable insight from a resident’s perspective.

Balancing work and life, while accomplishing all that she has

 She applies much of what she learns to her own life. She mediates and values quiet time; considers well-being and self-reflection important for balancing a busy life.

She recognizes that work-life balance is a myth for her. With so many responsibilities to juggle simultaneously, thinking about work and life as two different things do not help her. So she looks for value and fulfillment at work, looking for connections whenever she finds the opportunity.

What’s next for Priya Sury?

Priya is halfway through completing her residency training at Regions Hospital. She is looking forward to a lot of exciting opportunities ahead and wants to pursue a career in academic medicine. She also wants to pursue her interest in the spiritual, cultural aspect of medicine.



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