Pictured above from left to right: Mary Wittenbreer, Jennifer Feeken, Jacqueline Linn. (Missing is Carol Sylvester.)

Tucked in the east part of Regions Hospital is a gem for health professionals across the HealthPartners enterprise: the medical library. Anyone who enters this library will be sure to leave having found what they were first looking for when they connect with any one of our four masters prepared librarians. Three of our librarians were able to share a bit about themselves and share some tips for any health professionals looking for support in the hunt for the most reliable articles and journals.

Know your topic before you bring your topic to the librarians.

Before you connect with a librarian, be prepared to give them an idea of what success looks like to you. If you clearly communicate your goals, you can both jump in and partner to reach them more efficiently. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! Jennifer Feeken noted, “It’s helpful if they’ve thought about their topic, but sometimes that comes out when we talk.” They may be able to ask the right questions to help you realize your goal.

If you’ve started searching on your own, document where you’ve searched.

This is helpful so that the medical librarian can dive deeper into your search, rather than repeating what you’ve already done. It can save you both time and won’t be frustrating to you if you receive the same search information you have already obtained on your own.

Librarians have access to searches that are more sophisticated than Google.

Better than Google? Yes! Our librarians not only have access to the most reliable databases, but they have an awareness and skills in maximizing the search process. When asked, “What if your favorite part about being a medical librarian?” Jacqueline Linn did not hesitate before saying, “I love a good search.”  Partnering with a passionate librarian will not only speed the process of your search, but will bring out the highest quality of material you will be able to find. “You can get a pretty good start on your own,” Mary Wittenbreer assures us, “but we can do very sophisticated search and obtain articles and journals that would cost you upwards of $60 each.”

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