Members of our Office of Health Professional Education (OHPE) team had the privilege of meeting with clinical leaders and preceptors at various locations within HealthPartners. We are excited to showcase the good work happening across our care group and find opportunities for clinics to exchange great ideas.

The first clinic we visited this summer was HealthPartners Woodbury Clinic! Here is an overview of our time together.

Who did we meet?

Preceptors: Bernard Quebral, MD, Chief of Professional Services

Clinic Leaders: Amy Walton, Supervisor Care Delivery and Bernard Quebral, MD, Chief of Professional Services

Logistics of Training:

Woodbury Clinic-01

This clinic has recently been remodeled and each provider has 3 rooms for patients. This is ideal for training because students are able to spend more time with their patients while the other rooms continue to be available to other patients. The majority of trainees are Medical Students, Nurse Practitioner Students and Physician Assistant Students. Preceptors find that in order to keep patients at the center of the clinic, it is best to have students 1-2 days per week of training or have the student share preceptors.

Other things we learned:

The length of training varies based on the student’s program. Longitudinal placements, where students spend several rotations at one site over time, may work well at this clinic with the variety of services they offer. The student can learn more about the system of health care and triple aim priorities while also learning valuable competencies for each specialty area.

How the OHPE team plans to partner:

Making processes more streamlined to prepare students for their clinical experience with the right access to the electronic medical record and general orientation to HealthPartners clinics will allow for time to be spent on the quality of the educational experience by preceptors and clinical leaders. Education in the clinic is of great benefit to patients because students bring new ideas and create a stimulating environment that promotes lifelong learning.

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