Thanks to all who participated in the September Listening Session at HealthPartners surrounding clinical training.  We were excited that over 40 individuals attended the session, representing schools, health systems, operational leaders, preceptors and former students. Participants engaged in a lively and hopeful conversation about the future of clinical training. Teams of 7-8 participants from diverse perspectives were assigned to small group discussion to answer the following questions:


Success in one word from the participants:

Coordination, opportunity, efficiency, innovative, fabulous, well-rounded, inter-professional, streamlined, structure, sustainable, collaboration, insightful, transparent, happy, healthy preceptors and students, action, cultivating relationships, organization, positive experiences, teamwork, dynamic, communication, barrier-reduction, effective collaboration, humility

Themes for success and priority moving forward:




We invite you to continue the discussion using  Slack as a platform for developing and sharing ideas for pilots and sharing best practices. Based on this ongoing dialogue and collaboration, we hope to use our next listening session to present proposals in each category and get feedback from the larger community. If you would like to join this discussion, please send an email to

 Save the Date, Jan. 10 2017, 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., for our upcoming listening session where we will review proposals for potential pilots and share best practices. Watch for future communication regarding the listening session and proposal submission requirements.

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