Devon Yocom coordinates the OB-GYN and surgery programs, as well as hand surgery fellowship and foot and ankle residency program at Regions Hospital. She relocated to Minneapolis from Rochester last year with her husband and 5-year-old daughter. While looking for jobs within healthcare, she found this opportunity at Regions and instantly knew that it would be a good fit for her. For this blog post, she shares her experience working as a residency coordinator, and being part of the Office of Health Professional Education.

What are some specific things that you do in your role?

For the surgery programs, I coordinate with the University of Minnesota. I help coordinate everything at Regions for the residents – rotations, tracking through rotations, setting up the system for use, sending username and passwords. I also coordinate orientations and communication between Regions and the University of Minnesota for everything that residents need to know about during their rotations.

The Hand Surgery and Foot and Ankle residents train at Regions, and I mostly work with staff and residents to coordinate conferences and meetings – content, programs and travel-related.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

I really like working with students and residents to coordinate the many things they do. I enjoy supporting them and watching them progress – they come in as new students, nervous but eager to and leave with confidence and a lot of knowledge about what they’re doing. I love building those relationships.

I’d always wanted to work in healthcare but I’m afraid of needles and blood. So this is my way of contributing to the medical profession. Even though I don’t work with patients, I like knowing that I am playing some part in patient care. I am supporting the training of medical professionals – which is what the patients really need – a confident and trained medical professional to take care of them.

What are some challenges for residency coordinators?

I’ve been in this role for a year; I’ve learned a lot and am still learning new things every day. Although I had medical experience before I started here, I had never worked with residents before.  Time management is an issue when you are working with busy medical professionals. They are busy and often in surgeries, so it’s not always easy to coordinate one on one meeting times. We communicate as much as we can through emails, but it’s not as easy to coordinate meeting times and build one on one relationships with students.

When residents need help or have questions, my door is always open and I am always available to help. My office is located within the medical library at Regions, and I always like it when students and residents stop by with questions or just to say hello.

What do you like about working at HealthPartners?

I like how every employee is valued, even though HealthPartners is such a big organization. There are so many different parts and each person has a different role, but it still feels like one big family. The employees are treated well, the benefits are great. The mission, vision, and value align with my personal values and I would love to continue working that way.

What do you like to do outside of your normal working hours?

I love to go shopping, attend sporting events, hang out with my family and friends but most of all spend time at my family cabin in Nisswa, MN.

A fun fact you’d like to share about yourself

My height is 5’1 and my husband is 6’6 tall!

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