A summary of the 2017-2018 Benefits Summary can be downloaded here.

Cafeteria/Meal Allowance

All HealthPartners Institute sponsored residents will receive an annual on-call meal allotment allocated to their accounts via their ID badge. On-call meal allotment is also provided to residents rotating at the hospital. Meal allotments are administered through the training programs.

Credit Union

You and your family are eligible to join the City and County Employees Credit Union. Some services include: no minimum balance checking accounts, savings accounts, IRAs, direct deposit, personal loans, Visa credit cards and mortgages.

Dental Insurance

Regions Hospital offers the HealthPartners Exceed Choice dental plan, a three-tiered plan. No evidence of insurability is required. The tier that you elect directs the level of benefits you receive, and each dependent member can select a different clinic and tier. Eligible dependents include spouse/domestic partners and dependents up to age 26. Participation in the plan is effective on the first day of entrance into the residency program.

Direct Deposit

Residents may elect to have their paychecks automatically deposited into their personal bank accounts. Direct deposit forms are available in the Human Resources Department, and must be submitted to Payroll along with a voided check.

Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Health and Wellness (EHW) provides a basic screening exam through use of a health questionnaire. EHW provides many services including the employee clinic, treatment and referral of job-related injuries and illnesses, and a yearly flu shot. EHW screens for immunization status and requires WRITTEN documentation of immunizations for Rubella, Rubeola, Varicella, Mumps, Tetanus, and Hepatitis B. A two-step Mantoux is also required. EHW will provide, free of charge, any immunizations that are needed or required.

Health Insurance

Regions Hospital offers three medical plans administered by HealthPartners. Participation for health insurance is effective on the first day of entrance into the residency program.

The first is the HealthPartners First Plan. With the HealthPartners First Plan, the first three office, urgent care or convenience care visits are discounted. Open access benefit; providers are tiered. You can choose from two different benefit levels.

The second is the HealthPartners Empower Health Reimburse- ment Account (HRA) Plan. The HRA plan gives you more control over your health care spending by helping you pay with a tax- favored Health Reimbursement Account that is established and funded by Regions Hospital.

The third is the HealthPartners Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan (a HDHP, high deductible health plan). The HSA plan gives you a triple tax savings by partnering with Wells Fargo for setting up the HSA account. It allows greater flexibility while the account is partially funded by Regions Hospital and residents can choose to contribute to the account as well.


Holiday scheduling for residents is determined by each individual program.

Flexible Spending Account

In general, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for certain expenses not covered by your medical and dental plans or for dependent care. Each year you decide how much money you want deposited to the account, within the maximum allowed.

• You may elect from $100 up to $2,500 to be deposited to the health care flexible spending account.

• You may elect from $100 up to $5,000 to be deposited to the dependent care flexible account, if you are married and file taxes jointly, or if you are single and file taxes as head of household. You can have up to $2,500 deposited to the dependent care account if you are married and file taxes separately from your spouse.

The Flexible Spending Accounts are administered through HealthPartners. You can submit eligible claims for any amount incurred during the plan year (January-December) by completing a reimbursement claim form. HealthPartners will process your request and you will be reimbursed by check or direct deposit. Further information is available upon request.

Life Insurance

Basic Term Life coverage is provided at no cost to residents by Regions Hospital. Coverage is equal to your annual salary, rounded to the closest $1,000 up to a maximum of $50,000. Participation is effective on the first day of the month following date of entrance into the residency program.

Optional employee life insurance may be purchased in $20,000 increments up to $300,000 or five times your annual salary (whichever is greater). Spouse life insurance may be purchased in $10,000 increments up to $250,000. AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) is available if you want to add it to your basic, optional or spouse life insurance. A $10,000 child life insurance policy is also offered.

Optional employee and spouse life insurance rates are based on the resident’s age. Some amounts of life insurance require that you provide evidence of insurability (EOI). You will need to complete the EOI form for the following:

  • Employee Optional Life Insurance. If you choose life insurance that is more than one time your annual salary rounded to the nearest $20,000 when newly eligible.
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Life Insurance. If you choose more than $20,000 when newly eligible or wish to increase the amount you chose during annual enrollment.

Child Life Insurance. If you choose this option during annual enrollment.

The effective date of optional employee, spouse and child life is the first date of the month following approval.

Loan Deferment

All applications for loan deferment may be submitted directly to the Office of Medical Education (OME). Applications will be completed by the OME and forwarded to the appropriate institution.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Regions Hospital provides long-term disability (LTD) coverage at no cost to residents. Your LTD benefit pays up to 50 percent of your income, to a maximum payment of $7,000 per month. Coverage is provided by The Standard Insurance Company and paid for by Regions Hospital. Benefit payable on the 181st day of disability.

Malpractice Liability Coverage

Residents are covered for professional liability under the HealthPartners Self Insured Retention, followed by an excess policy through ACE Insurance Company. All subpoenas and information relating to professional liability actions against the hospital or its staff should be referred to the HealthPartners Law Department.

On-Call Quarters/Lounge

Resident on-call quarters, computer workroom and lounge are located on the 2nd floor of the South Section of the hospital. The on-call area is a secure area and is accessible by a card swipe system. The Parking Department must program your ID badge for access to this area, upon approval from the Office of Medical Education. To obtain a call room, residents must go to the Security Office to complete a request form and obtain an access card. The call room is assigned to the resident for one night and must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. the next day.


Regions Hospital provides parking to residents at no charge. The resident lot is card-controlled.


Residents can fill prescriptions at the Regions Hospital Pharmacy located on first floor of the main hospital. Mail-in prescription and central refill plans are available. Options will vary based on the plan chosen by the employee.

Pre-Tax/Post Tax Deductions

The cost of Medical and Dental insurance and the amount you elect for Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts are deducted before taxes are calculated, thereby reducing your taxable income. Medical, dental, life insurance, short-term disability and the spending accounts deductions are scheduled to be deducted from the first and second pay check each month.

Resident Assistance Program

Professional counseling is provided to all residents and family members at no cost for the initial assessment through the Sand Creek Group, LTD, Employee Assistance Program. Sand Creek has worked in close collaboration with the Minnesota Metropolitan Council on Graduate Medical Education (MMCGME) to assist residents and their families during stressful times. For more information, please click here.

Short-Term Disability Insurance

If you are unable to work for up to 180 days, the short-term disability (STD) plan may help. Short-term disability can be used any time you are away from work due to an accident or illness, including but not limited to surgeries and maternity leave, as long as a certified healthcare provider approves your time away from work

Regions Hospital offers two voluntary STD plan options:

  • The 1/8-Day Plan takes effect on the first day of an accident or the eighth day of an illness.
  • The 30-Day Plan takes effect on the thirtieth day of an accident or illness.

As a newly eligible resident, you have a one-time enrollment in either plan, at $3,000/month or 66 and 2/3 of your monthly salary, whichever is less, without penalty. Future requests to enroll/ increase coverage may be added during the annual open enrollment period, but a penalty, or longer waiting period, will apply.

2017/2018 Academic Year Stipends

PGY Level Stipend
1 $54,757
2 $56,577
3 $58,409
4 $60,528
5 $62,662
6 $64,752
7 $66,373

Regions Hospital offers two retirement programs: Regions Hospital 403(b) Plan and the Retirement Savings Plus Plan (RSP) designed to help residents save and invest today for retirement tomorrow.

  1. The 403 (b) Plan is a pre-tax, tax-deferred payroll deduction retirement savings program. All employees may elect to participate immediately after employment date. Your contributions are vested immediately. Regions Hospital Retirement Savings Plus participants that also participate in the 403 (b) Plan will receive a matching contribution of 50% up to the first 4% of their contributions, after one year of employment, working at least 1,000 hours. Match dollars are 100% vested as soon as they are credited to your account.
  2. Retirement Savings Plus Plan (RSP). Entry into the RSP Plan requires one calendar year of employment, working a minimum of 1,000 hours. After meeting these require- ments, the employee is automatically enrolled into the RSP Plan.At the end of each calendar year, if you are still employed on December 31st and have worked at least 1,000 hours that year, Regions Hospital will also allocate 4% of your eligible compensation and put that money into your RSP account. You become fully vested in this money after three years, each year working at least 1,000 hours.

Training/Employment Verifications

The Office of Health Professional Education will validate written requests for training/employment verification for current residents and alumni.

Travel Fund

Travel is at the discretion of the HealthPartners Institute.

Vacation / Personal Time Off (PTO)

Vacation requests must be made in advance to your program director or designee. Requests will be granted upon a number of factors, including operational needs and staffing requirements. Unused PTO will be forfeited upon completion of the residency- training period. Please refer to GME-7: Resident/Fellow Leave Policy.

Workers’ Compensation

Regions Hospital has a self-insured Workers’ Compensation plan. To report injuries, residents must contact HealthPartners 24 hour Care Line immediately at 952-883-5484. The Care Line will coordinate any appointments, as necessary.

Regions Hospital’s benefits are subject to change without notice.