About the Program

The HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research / Foot and Ankle Surgery Residency is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) and sponsors a Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery (PMSR/RRA).  The program is a three-year commitment, accepting two residents per year, and provides the resident with hands-on experience in all aspects of foot and ankle medicine and surgery.

Surgical cases at this program are broad-based, ranging from reconstructive forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle surgery, to foot and ankle trauma, to emergent and elective diabetic limb salvage. Clinical experience is vast, with active participation in pre-op and post-op care, inpatient care, office procedures, wound care, and coding. Under the supervision of the attendings, residents are responsible for inpatient management of hospital patients as well as daily interaction with members of other medical services. While residents are on call, they are responsible for ER consults, inpatient rounds and consults, fielding and urgent care patient calls. This well-rounded curriculum will allow graduating residents to practice all aspects of foot and ankle surgery in a professional and confident manner.

Meet the team

Foot and Ankle Surgery Team 2016-2017

Foot and Ankle Surgery Residents 2016-2017


Regions Hospital

HealthPartners Same Day Surgery Center

HealthPartners Riverside Clinic

HealthPartners Specialty Center

Tria Orthopedic Centers

Methodist Hospital

Fairview Hospitals: UMMC Riverside, Fairview Ridges and Fairview Southdale


PGY-1 Curriculum

Internal Medicine – 1 month
General Surgery – 1 month
Orthopedic Surgery – 1 month
Plastic Surgery – 1 month
Emergency Medicine – 1 month
Behavioral Science – 2 weeks
Pathology – 1 week
Medical Imaging – 2weeks
Anesthesia – 2 weeks
Wound Care – 2 weeks
Foot & Ankle Surgery – Ongoing

PGY-2 Curriculum

Infectious Disease – 2 weeks
Vascular Surgery – 2 weeks
Endocrine – 2 weeks
PM&R/Interventional Pain – 2 weeks
Biomechanics – Every other Friday
Foot & Ankle Surgery – Ongoing

PGY-3 Curriculum

Foot and Ankle Surgery – Ongoing


Orthopaedic Trauma Conference

Every Tuesday morning the Regions Orthopedic department holds a conference of recent trauma cases as well as a lecture from various staff members.  This conference helps residents and students stay up to date with new techniques and strategies in orthopaedic  surgery.

Monthly Journal Club and Book Club

Held the 3rd and 4th Thursday mornings of each month, residents and students meet at 5:30 pm to review assigned book chapters and journal articles relevant to the week’s cases. Students are expected to actively participate in Journal Club and Book Club and are responsible for presenting the articles. Residents are responsible for gathering articles, as well as preparing book chapters for review. Residents and attendings at this program are committed to remaining current in evidence-based literature review.

Weekly Board Prep

Held Thursday afternoons of each month, residents and students meet to participate in a board prep didactic activity.  Staffed by the Chief Residents, students and residents are asked questions about foot and ankle surgery that are likely to show up on board exams.  This is an informal way for both students and residents to retain their foundation foot and ankle medical and surgical knowledge.

Friday Morning Meeting

Each Friday morning at 6:15 am, students, residents, and staff get together to discuss challenging cases, trauma cases seen during the week, and critically evaluate postoperative films. This is also a good setting to learn about new products from manufacturers and updates within our practice.

Preoperative Case Planning

Every week, attendings, residents, and students gather to discuss upcoming surgical cases.  These meetings consist of evaluation of procedure selection and indications, as well as discussion about alternative procedures.  Current evidence-based medicine guides these discussions.  Residents are encouraged and expected to actively participate in preoperative planning.

Weekly Lecture Series

Each week an online lecture is reviewed and discussed. The foot and ankle staff, residents, and students review the lecture on their own time. In addition, we meet as a group to discuss the lecture as well as our current practices. This lecture series serves to help students prepare for CRIP interviews and residents for the board exams. The series covers the entire scope of podiatric surgery and medicine. This includes pre-operative evaluation, peri-operative care of the foot and ankle patient, and topics in surgery and general medicine.


An emphasis is placed on conducting relevant clinical research throughout residency.  Research is presented at state, regional, and national scientific conferences as both poster and podium presentations.  Residents are expected to publish their research.

2018-2019 FAS Externship Manual