The Knowledge Bank is a fund supported by the generous contributions of HealthPartners employees to enhance learning and teaching of all health care professionals at every stage of career development. HealthPartners employees may request funding by completing a Request for Funding online form.


HealthPartners healthcare professionals including HealthPartners, Regions, Lakeview, Hudson and Westfields (Sharing at Work participating locations)

Funding Areas

  • Continuing education or training for healthcare professionals in new best practices, especially for certification in clinical skills.
  • Quality improvement initiatives that provide an opportunity for health care professionals to plan, study, implement and assess changes in clinical practice to improve patient care.
  • Resident support for specialized learning opportunities.
  • Opportunities for faculty learning.

Application Process

  • Applicant supervisor must understand and approve the request.
  • Applications must be generated through the online form (on HP network only) at least 6 weeks prior to participation in the activity.
  • All applicants/attendees must be listed.
  • All funding approved must be used within the following 12-month period.
  • Activity must comply with the HealthPartners policies, including the travel and entertainment policies.
  • Programs previously receiving a grant need to explore permanent funding before requesting additional funds.
  • Applications are reviewed by Institute Senior Leaders and a member of the Institute Education Committee, on the first of the month with approval by the 15th of the month.

Please Note

  • Attendance at annual conferences or association meetings will be a one-time opportunity per attendee and limited to the cost of registration/tuition.
  • To maximize who may benefit from continuing education requests, we encourage you to consider:
    • Bringing subject matter experts to HealthPartners or
    • Adopt a  train-the-trainer model

Reimbursement Process

  • Complete and submit Knowledge Bank Event Summary (on HP network only) online form.
  • Forward copies of statements, receipts, an approved Travel Request Form (if applicable) and account information, for interdepartmental transfer of funds, to: Char Baum, HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research, Mail Stop 21101B. If you have any questions, contact Char at 952-883-7394..
  • Knowledge Bank reimbursement should only cover approved expenses that are incurred in the same fiscal year that a course takes place or supplies are purchased.
  • If prepayment is made for expenses to be recognized in the year subsequent to approval, please inform the OHPE team so required accounting principles are followed.

Not Eligible

  • Tuition reimbursement; please refer to your employment contract.
  • Individuals pursuing degrees in nursing are requested to apply through the  Gloria Fox Scholarship,  For more information, contact Cathy McCallister651-254-1776
  • Tuition reimbursement; please refer to your employment contract.