GME Policies

GME-1 Selection and Credentialing of Residents

GME-2 General Responsibilities of the Resident

GME-3 Evaluation of Residents

GME-4 Resident Reappointment, Promotion and Program Completion

GME-5 Supervision of Residents

GME-6 Duty Hours

GME-7 Resident-Fellow Leave Policy

GME-8 Moonlighting

GME-9 Health Information Management

GME-10 Impaired Resident Policy

GME-11 Sexual and General Harassment

GME-12 Grievance Resolution

GME-13 Fair Hearing Process

GME-14 Termination-Dismissal of Resident

GME-15 Non-Renewal of Contract

GME-16 Hospital Closure Policy

GME-17 Resident Membership on GMEC

GME-18 Affiliated Residents

GME-20 Resident Away Rotations

GME-21 Appropriate Dress-Attire

GME-23 Transfer Residents

GME-25 Non-Discrimination

GME-27 Vendor Relations

GME-28 Disaster Response

GME-29 Resident Documentation Requirements

GME-30 DIO Designee

GME-32 Eligibility to Board Certification

GME-33 Restrictive Covenant

GME-34 Transitions of Care

GME-36 Annual Institutional Review

GME-37 Special Review

Regions Policies

Employee Mobile Device or Remote Access

User Responsibilities Policy

Photography, Video, Audio Recording of Patients

Release of Information and Access to Medical Records

Procedure for Health Screening of New Employees

Employment Requirements for New Employees

Request Not to Participate in Patient Care

Family Medical Leave of Absence

Employee Business, Travel, Entertainment

Alcohol and Drug Testing for Reasonable Suspicion

Professional Boundaries

HIPAA Security

Confidentiality of Patient Member Information

Social Media Use and Behavior

Death of a Patient and Organ Donation

Injuries While On Duty

Sending Protected Information Securely

The 18 HIPAA Identifiers

Travel Request Process

Verifying Patient & Member Identity Over the Phone