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3 out of 4 smokers have a past or present problem with mental illness or chemical dependence (other than tobacco).

More than 2 in 5 adults with a mental illness in Minnesota smoke cigarettes (40.2%)…. That’s over twice the smoking rate for adults in Minnesota, on average (14.4%). As evident in the graph below, while measures to decrease smoking have been working in the general population, smoking is not decreasing among those with mental illnesses. In fact, this disparity is growing.

Current Smoking Stats

SAMHSA CBHSQ Report; July 18, 2013

People with serious mental illnesses are dying 24 years earlier than the average life expectancy, with tobacco being the #1 cause.

Together with leaders from across Minnesota, Pat McKone will take action to change this.

Beginning on the evening of Tuesday, October 13th and all day on Wednesday, October 14th, Minnesota’s Leadership Academy will convene in a summit to create a statewide strategic plan for addressing the inequitable impact of tobacco on people with mental illnesses and chemical dependence.

If you are interested in learning more about this work and participating please contact Pat McKone at Pat.McKone@lung.org.

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