Last spring, we had the opportunity to start some conversations about the future of health professional training at the Clinician Educator Community of Practice event. Following the event, over 40 individuals representing schools, health systems, operational leaders, preceptors and former students engaged with us and helped us extend the conversation during our Listening Session in September. Our goal for this session was to create an informal atmosphere to exchange best practices, ideas, and trends.

Based on those conversations, we identified priority areas to focus on that would have the most impact for success in the clinical learning environment:


We will be continuing the conversation at our Second Listening session on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Our intent for this session is to come up with tangible outcomes and tools we need to move this work forward. Members of our clinical learning environment have agreed to join us – to share best practices and pilots, and facilitate table discussions.

We are excited for the discussion with our confirmed attendees: view the list

The breakout sessions will be facilitated by members of our training community representing schools, health system leaders and educators. Event participants will have a choice to attend three of the sessions.

breakoutWe welcome your participation and invite you to join the discussion online. Share your ideas in the comments or join us on Twitter. To join the conversation on our Slack group, please send an email to Cecily.D.Spencer@healthpartners.com

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