Many of you attended the Clinician Educator Community of Practice event this past
spring. We had the opportunity to start some conversations about the future of
health professional training.

Some of the comments captured in video from that evening related to [being adaptive], [defining practice-ready],  [value of students] and [envisioning the healthcare team of the future] have prompted us to start working on ways to not only continue conversations, but start taking action.

To move forward on this work, we need the input and involvement from our community so we are hosting a listening session. Our goal is to create an informal atmosphere to exchange best practices, ideas and trends as well as address logistical processes and put our heads together to approach existing or future barriers.

The Office of Health Professional Education invites community members unable to attend on September 13th to reflect upon and comment below your responses to any or all of these three questions. [watch video]

  1. What does success look like from all stakeholder points of view?
  2. If we were to focus on a few top priorities, what will make the most impact?
  3. What structure and means of communication will we use to move this work forward?

If you are interested in attending our September 13th Listening Session, please contact charlene.a.baum@healthpartners.com for more details.


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