Who are we?

Team members in Health Professional Education within the HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research.

Why are we blogging?

We care about the future of medical education and are proud of the work being done in our community to make healthcare better. We also believe there is wisdom in numbers and would like to provide a central location for collecting this wisdom. If you are a faculty member, resident, fellow, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical student, administrator or have an interest in medical education, this space is for YOU!

What will we be blogging about?

Check back each week for an update on a person, project, initiative, best practice tip, info graphic, video and more…

Want to join in?

We not only invite you to read, but to contribute. We’re sure you’re doing great things that are worth sharing with the community.

Contact us and we’ll provide you with some guidelines to contribute to this space.


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